Sunday, May 13, 2012

Save the Introductions

Not sure what to write as my first better to make it about nothing. There's just no way I could (or want to at this moment) paint a coherent picture of who I am from a personal finance standpoint. I only became interested in personal finance a couple of months ago. I am a typical 20-something year old in that I thought I was being responsible financially and setting myself up for a good future. Upon stumbling across the amazing personal finance blogosphere I have just been completely amazed and inspired and realize that I could be doing so much more - and that there's no such thing as too early to start thinking about net worth.

I am still not sure what is to become of this blog - how much time I can devote to it and how much information I am willing to share, but if anything, it can be a tool I can use to hold myself accountable for all the things I say I want to do.

Hopefully, in the next 6 months I can craft my financial story and learn more about myself and my goals while sharing with the PF blogosphere.

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  1. That is a good personal statement!! :-) Many of us start out writing or do not know what we are writing about or for just flows...then we get some followers and the rest is history...